Neptune Hydro Shield (Outdoor Water Screen)

Size 100 ft. x 33 ft. ht.


A semicircle shaped wall of water, of up to 10m high and 30m wide, suitable for any kind of projection – Video / Laser / Xenon / Film etc. Easy to assemble and can be directly installed in a swimming pool or in an artificially created Water Tank/Body of a suitable size.

The water fluctuation of the systems is about 1500 ltr/min at a pressure of 10 bars. Although the water is re-cycled, still lot of water gets wasted due to wind pressure - forcing a Mist / Spray of water. For average show duration of about 1 hours, approx. 90,000 to 120,000 ltrs of water is ideally required.


Ø  Ideal Projection Size:

v  Video (min. 10,000 Lumens)         :           40ft X 30ft

v  Laser/Xenon Images / Slides        :           60 ft. x 30 ft.


Ø  Components (with approx. Flight Case dimensions):

v  Submersible Water Pump              :           9 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft.

v  Pump Motor Controller unit            :           3.5 ft. x 3 ft. x 1.5 ft.

v  PVC Sheet for Water Tank            :           3.5 ft. x 3 ft. x 1.5 ft.

v  Power Distribution Panel               :           1.75 ft. x 1ft. x 1.25 ft.

& Link Cables

v  Water Screen “Head”                    :           1.5ft. x 1.25 ft x 1 ft


Total Weight :  500 Kg with Flight case (5 Boxes)


Ø  Requirement:

v  Power Supply       :           Min. 65 Kw in 3-Ph. or 125KVA GenSet (with AVR)

v  Water                    :           A water body/pool of size not less than 80 ft. x 30 ft.

wide with clean water, at least 80-140 Kltrs

Ø  Optional Tank:

We can build an artificial water body of size 100 ft. x 10 ft. x 2.5 ft. (outer size: 105x15x3 ft), which can hold approx. 50,000 ltrs. Plus, provision is kept for another 20-30,000 ltrs, if so required. Using 20 Nos. x 10ft of Heavy Duty Truss Sections and transported in 1 x 22ft. Container truck + 1 Canter.


Poseidon Hydro (Water) Curtain

(Indoors & Outdoors)


A projection medium, created with water.


It consists of two basic modules (1) The Nozzle Section and (2) the Catch Trough or any water body. The Nozzle Section creates the planar water screen to be used as a projection surface. The Catch Trough recovers the water fallout, filters it and re-circulates it back to the Nozzle Section.


The Nozzle Sections are available in 2m length segments that are linked together "on-site" to form seamless screens to your desired length. The vertical placement of the Nozzle Section is only limited by the trim height of your venue.

Currently available, screen sizes of up to 40 ft. (12m)



Ø  Components:

v  2m Nozzle Sections

v  Water Pump           :           1 required for every 2m section

v  Water Tank            :           Size available: 21 ft. OR 42 ft. (foldable & flight cased)

v  Power Distribution Panel & Cables

v  Water Pipes           :           2 lengths required for every 2m section


Ø  Total Weight: 400 Kg for 20ft.  OR  750 Kg for 40ft. screen size

v  100 Kg for 6 Nos. Nozzles (flight cased)

v  390 Kg for 6 units of Water Pumps with Pipes (flight cased – each 65Kg)

v  15-20 Kg for Misc. Wires & Switch Boards

v  120 Kg for 21 ft. Portable Tank – for 20 ft. screen (flight cased)

v  120 Kg for 21 ft. Tank Extension – for 40ft. screen (flight cased)


Ø  Requirement:

v  Power Supply       :           8 - 12 Kw in or a 62.5KVA Generator (with AVR)

v  Water                    :           A water tap or source to fill the water tank, once.

(approx. 3,000 ltrs)

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