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Alpha Spot HPE 300

The Alpha Spot HPE 300 is compact, lightweight, silent, practical to install and extremely bright. It has superior graphic and optical performance and is the most complete spotlight in its category (300 W). It is ideal for every professional sector where the pluses of a "small" light need to be combined with the advantages of a "large" one.


  • Optical unit with extremely high luminous efficiency (16000 lux [15°] at 5 m)
  • 14,7°- 35° electronic linear zoom +  uniform field lens on a dedicated channel
  • CMY colour system + colour wheel + CTO conversion filters
  • The widest range of effects in the category
  • Graphic system: 15 gobos + 1 rotating prism
  • Frost effect with adjustable projection angle
  • Wide quick pan and tilt movements
  • Silent operation (“Silent Version” system supplied as standard)
  • Extremely new design high performance electronics
  • Italian-style design (patented)
  • Eco-friendly: may be used instead of very much larger and more expensive spotlights
  • The first “300 W” spotlight with electronic ballast fitted as standard
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