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Laser light shows are spectacular. They harness thin beams of concentrated light. Lasers create glowing graphics and fill space with Star Wars-like glowing beams and light shapes. Thanks to new technologies such as low-cost, high-power diodes, it has become much easier to make a quality laser light show.

Beyond continues that ease of use. A Beyond system consists of software and hardware for PC computers. The two components work together to get the best possible performance from laser projectors.
  • Beyond’s software lets you create, edit and present laser graphics and beam effects.
  • Beyond’s hardware (a QM2000 board or FB3 box) converts software commands into signals to control an ILDA-compatible laser projector.
In addition, Beyond has a wide range of settings so the signal is always optimized for your projector. Whether you have a low-cost projector with slower 12K scanners, or one with the fastest available 60K scanners, Beyond will get the most out of it.


The first thing you will notice is that Beyond looks a lot like QuickShow. This is because it is built on the user interface philosophies of QuickShow – that is, a single, unified program that has live, timeline, frame editing, bitmap tracing, and other features all in one program.
In Beyond, there is a brand new frame editor code-named “Mega Draw”, which is a full object- oriented drawing program supporting multiple layers and a wide variety of drawing tools, including splines.
In Mega Draw, you can have four views (any four) or a single view and toggle between these with the click of a button. A background bitmap can be loaded into any view individually. The zoom, rotation and position controls work with the loaded background in the same way as it does with the normal drawing tools. The Spline feature makes it very easy to draw on top of a background image.
Beyond features many more beams than QuickShow (up to 100 beams). In fact, Beyond also has the ability to use “Images” for beam positions. In Beyond, an “image” is anything that can create an image – not only a single frame, but even animations, abstracts, etc.
The top level Beyond Ultimate features a unique 3D modeling and animation module. It is similar to CAD programs such as Autodesk 3ds MAX and Maxon Cinema 4D, but it is totally optimized for laser output. You can create 3D objects and worlds, and make 3D animations. It takes care of hidden lines, coloring, point count, and all the tedious details. 

If you are familiar with our previous LD MAX and LD 4D converter software, Beyond gives even better output.

Plus, now you don't have to buy 3ds MAX, which has a retail price of $3495. Right there, you save 2/3 the price of Beyond Ultimate.

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